Weekly Newsletter – 144

Congratulations to Debra Miller for attaining her BTL (Bronza Team Leader) Status for March.
Debra is my PSA (Personal[ly] Sponsored Affiliate) and I have added her to my co-op and re-assigned her 5 PSA’s so far.

Congratulations to Mirjana Hristoska for attaining her EA (Executive Affiliate) Status for March.
Mirjana is my CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate) and I have added her to my co-op and will be re-assigning her some CSA’s but it has been awhile and there are rules so I need to look into a few things before I do any CSA re-assignments.

Below is a link to the comparison chart of SFI to other businesses. What I would like you to notice is that after you reach the highest rank which is a DTL or Diamond Team Leader you only need 1500 Versa Points. The better you can sell or sponsor the less you will worry about Versa Points.

Continuing on the Versa Points theme I have noticed that a lot of you are not going to your To-Do list and seeing which Versa Points are available. Did you know you can go here – https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/SponsorRatings – and rate me. You can do this anytime but if you do it before the 10th you will earn Versa Points.

Some of you have asked me about advertising and the best places to advertise. That is THE question on the internet and my answer is PPC using Google Adwords. I have a campaign setup and I monitor it daily but you can spend a lot of money fast if you are not carefull. This type of advertising is the very best once you learn what you are doing and the only downside I see is that even a small change causes your ads to stop and be reviewed.

If you would like to try some of the free ad sites I recommend a Google search and look at the dates. I signed up to an advertising website that was going out of business as I was adding my ads and did not find out for several days.